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Liane Joubert

Are we neglecting staff and student support and training for the Education Enabling Technologies? – SC203

In recent years, Technology Enhanced Learning has become a catching phrase used by education institutions globally. Bodies like ACODE have been formed and have provided a framework for institutions to adopt as well as benchmarks to measures themselves against. Terms like Andragogy and Pedagogy form the cornerstone of course design using LMSs and other enhancing …


Lunch will be available in the Snow Centre, and coffee from the Coffee cart on the lawn. Catch up with colleagues, browse the vendors’ stalls, enjoy the fresh air.

Associate Professor Jane Frost

Leading well with AI – SC203

Communication is a key component of good leadership and management. Courageous conversations can be difficult to replicate in a classroom and role play can become inauthentic and difficult to implement in an online space. Ask yourself – did you ever have a conversation that didn’t go well? Or ever wished you could have practised your …

Rafael Florez

Lights, Camera, Learning! Creating educational experiences through cinematic provocations – SC203

Story and film is uniquely poised to engage students’ intellect and emotions. Rather than relegating films to time-saving “movie days”, we explore the creation of high production films designed for simulations and immersive learning experiences. In this presentation, film director Rafael Florez and Dr Kelly Frame present three case studies in which they embedded film …

Registration – Snow Centre Foyer

Register attendance at the ground floor of the Snow Centre. Scan the QR code or sign in to register your attendance on site for COVID tracing purposes. Start with a barista coffee and visit some of the vendors’ stalls, catch up with colleagues. Make your way to the Tim Murray Theatre for the start of …