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When online learning works! – SC301

When online learning works! – SC301

Whether you are pro-online learning or not, this session will provide you with ideas for design, layout, innovative assessments, and educational tools that can assist you in captivating your student audience, whether you are teaching face to face or online.  Amy teaches the Cert IV in Mental Health at CIT in the Community Work Department …

Keynote 4 Space Race 2.0 – Dining Hall

EdTechPosium is delighted to welcome Dr Brad Tucker from the Australian National University as the conference dinner speaker. Brad Tucker is an Astrophysicist/Cosmologist, at the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Mt. Stromlo Observatory at the Australian National University. He is currently trying to discover the true nature of dark energy, the mysterious substance causing the accelerating expansion …

Martin Dougiamas

Keynote 2 Moodle 4 and the future – Tim Murray Theatre

EdTechPosium is delighted to welcome back Martin to speak at EdTechPosium. Martin Dougiamas is the founder and CEO of the open-source Moodle software project he started in 1999. The Moodle platform consists of a number of products, but the best-known is Moodle LMS, which allows educators in all sectors to create private educational spaces online, …

Virtual Object Based Learning for cultural inquiry – SC201

Virtual Object Based Learning for cultural inquiry – SC201

Underpinned by UDL, and drawing from a range of pedagogical frameworks, including OBL, Thinking Routines, and Two Way Teaching and Learning, this is a work in progress deck of Theory of Knowledge type questions to structure the investigation of objects. Specifically to support Two-Eyed Seeing, questions are shaped to build empathy and cultural capacity, using …

Associate Professor Jane Frost

A Virtual Courtroom: Immersing students in a creative simulation based on real life events that ended in a court – SC203

An immersive 360-degree video was used to allow students to experience a court room. Filmed from the first-person perspective the student was giving evidence and justifying the care given and decisions made seven years ago. This simulation was the culmination of a combinatorial simulation based on a real coroner’s case. Students were presented with their …

Michael Vangelovski

Tailoring our LMS with plugins – SC303

Moodle is a highly extensible LMS. We will describe some of the plugins we have developed for Moodle at CGS, transforming a vanilla installation into a highly tailored K-12 school portal, with advanced communications, grading, planning, and administration functions. We will discuss the reasons behind their inception and the impact they have had.