Whether you are pro-online learning or not, this session will provide you with ideas for design, layout, innovative assessments, and educational tools that can assist you in captivating your student audience, whether you are teaching face to face or online.  Amy teaches the Cert IV in Mental Health at CIT in the Community Work Department and is very passionate about not only her area of expertise but developing resources for students that not only enhance their learning experience; they captivate a range of learning styles and have a solid focus on student welfare throughout the learning experience. An example of this, is the self-care section which is displayed on each of her eLearn pages to encourage students to be responsible for their well-being as well as their learning experience.

In this 25 minute presentation, Amy will share with you her eLearn pages for the UOC’s that she teaches online. Those UOC’s have role play practical requirements and so she will explain how students prepare for those in the online environment using the resources she has developed for the eLearn page.

The UOC’s which will be presented, have had consistent high completion rates and positive feedback from students due to the design, layout and tools used, in that online environment. Your journey with Amy will include exploration of the self-care section – why it is there, pros and student feedback; as well as a demonstration of how audio, video and written text are combined to create a captivating lesson in the online environment. Amy will further explain the importance of being trauma informed in the development of our eLearn pages by placing trigger warnings in appropriate areas for students, to be able to absorb information safely online when they may not have others present to debrief with. Amy is currently working on a large project for Services Australia and building an innovative online learning platform which will be a first of its kind; and will demonstrate what that that learning experience looks like. The Farmers Project for Services Australia will deliver online learning to a group of workers at Services Australia that work in remote and rural communities. The entire delivery will be online.

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