Simply put, the future is Indigenous. You cannot survive 60, 000 years on this great land and not have an innovator’s mindset with sustainable dreaming. It is where cultural knowledge, sustainable practices and innovation to the forefront of learning.

We are the oldest living culture on the planet, so what can we teach you about innovation and educational practices? Quite a lot actually. We are the first innovators, scientists, bakers, builders, artists and more. We are more than just a ‘boomerang’ and we did it without a westernised education.

So what does that look like?

First Nations Pedagogy contains connections to learning beyond subject based mantra – Community, Narrative, Pathways, Visualisation, and Innovation. The way we think, feel, interact, learn and demonstrate are vastly different to the mainstream ways of learning and it is how we harness this that gives us a unique approach to problem solving and solutions-based learning.

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