Over the last twelve months, we have seen a rise in the use and development of different platforms to deliver content to various stakeholders. At the ANU we have been implementing the use of SharePoint sites to house and showcase resources for the university community to access.

We have two sites that we have developed for various communities of the university that we will showcase. Each one has a slightly different purpose and function but they have both been designed for easy access and navigation as a key component of the site’s design. One of these sites was set up for the Crawford School at ANU as a community of practice, examples and sharing of ideas and the second is the Teaching at ANU site that is open to all at the university and provides a place for resources and pedagogy on teaching practice.

We will be discussing our design journey and the reason why we chose SharePoint for these sites as well as the process of designing and development the sites while working remotely and collaboratively with others from across the university.

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