Stories create relevance and emotional engagement for your learners. This emotional connection to the material they’re learning boosts understanding and retention. There are a variety of online tools that are used to help create ‘choose your own adventure’ stories, traditionally used to tell fantasy stories of goblins, dragons and dungeons. The games they produce have the power to engage young people and adults alike on a level far beyond traditional classroom activities. David has taken the free software Twine, one of the simplest and most well-established of these tools, and used it to quickly create and transform lessons into engaging yet educational scenarios. Students get to immerse themselves for a short time into real life stories, responding to work situations and practicing the best responses.

In this interactive session, David will demonstrate the creation of a simple yet powerful online game, creating a short game to meet the learning outcomes of a lesson, with a result that is typically more effective than a traditional classroom activity. Participants will interact and contribute to the design of the game as they help create a new lesson, while watching the key elements that help make the story ‘come alive.’

Participants will leave the session with an understanding of how to add this interactivity to their own online classrooms.

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