There is an increasing prominence of student engagement and interactive learning in higher education discourse. Is interactive learning “just” social constructivism rebranded? Or is there something more fundamental at play here? What role does, could, or should technology play in this landscape? (Why) Do these questions matter? This will not be a “presentation” where I “deliver” answers to these questions. Instead, participants will enter a dialogue aimed at providing (re)newed perspectives to inform both their purpose and possibilities for action in the neo-liberal higher education climate. I will posit that while there is significant overlap, interactive learning is more than social constructivism, but also that social constructivism is more than interactive learning: they have complementary distinctions. Discussing and debating these questions does matter because it raises to the surface our teaching philosophies, practices and strategies: it empowers us to make informed decisions about our actions towards the common goal of student learning. In this presentation, participants will be expected to contribute by engaging interactively and socially, and should BYOD. I encourage a robust discussion and active contribution to the dialogue. The presentation will close with some reflections on how my understanding of the topic has evolved, based on participant contributions.

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