Central learning and teaching units often operate in a ‘hub and spoke’ model, operating outside of faculty structures and supporting the entire institution. This model is one that presents unique challenges when it comes to driving innovation and change with technology-enhanced learning.

In this fishbowl session, Katie and Rebecca will invite colleagues from central and faculty/college teams to share their experiences and challenges of fostering effective relationships and providing scalable support to teaching staff in the implementation and use of learning technologies and innovations. Members of the audience will be invited to join the rotating panel to respond to provocations around the roles of central and faculty/college-based teams, and collaboratively develop strategies to:

  • Address misconceptions, misunderstandings and silos which often result from the hub and spoke model
  • Promote a learning and teaching culture which embraces innovation, change, and risk
  • Ensure that learning and teaching initiatives and projects are inclusive of all relevant stakeholders and perspectives (faculty, IT, etc)
  • Empower teaching staff to engage with, and harness the affordances of technology-enhanced learning (and move away from a deficit model of central unit engagement)

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