Feedback is an essential tool that allows students to develop insights into their own learning. Historically written feedback has been the accepted form of providing feedback to students, however there is now a move to change to more innovative and student-centred modes of feedback. The use of video is one emerging platform to provide feedback to students. Assisted by the incorporation of the function in most learning management systems this form of providing feedback is now accessible to all. The value of video feedback has been well documented in the literature however embracing the change can be both challenging and expose our vulnerabilities. Video feedback is engaging and enhances reflexivity. It is time effective once perfected, and we know that students do not receive adequate meaningful feedback report low levels of satisfaction with teaching, may lose motivation and achieve less. So why is it now not the norm? We will present our journey with video feedback, the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as presenting student feedback we received.

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