In 2017, CIT Solutions, in partnership with the Department of Health, completed the My Aged Care Capability Project, a nationwide investigation into the My Aged Care workforce capability development requirements. The My Aged Care workforce includes contact centre staff; home support assessors; comprehensive assessors; and service providers. Feedback from this diverse and dispersed workforce provided the rationale for an online learning environment that would be current, authoritative, and engaging. MACLE, a customised Moodle environment, has been designed to efficiently guide learners through learning and assessment activities to fulfil the requirements for their statements of attainment, and ultimately be better equipped to provide a quality service for older people. Since its “go live” launch late 2018, MACLE has been positively received by the workforce who are enjoying the interactivity, structure, design and content of over 28 different courses, ranging from “Ageing and the Concept of Positive Ageing” to “Wellness and Reablement”. Importantly, it seamlessly incorporates the application of theory into the workplace so that the learning is grounded in practice and relevant. Since its launch, MACLE has provided engaging currency and accredited training opportunities to a workforce that is time-poor but needs to keep up with an ever-changing environment.

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