For the past several years SOL Illawarra Cultural Arts has been working on a vision to validate the power of music, dance,
theatrics, cooperation and teamwork in terms of the real tangible results it can deliver. We decided that nothing could be more tangible than durable shelter. To this end, school teachers (general) music teachers, cultural performing artists and construction industry professionals have been collaborating to develop the “musical mud stomp” and incorporate it into a unique construction process. The results are the creation of architecturally engineered multi-purpose structures on school premises and public spaces and a process that involves the whole community and gives a real sense of ownership in the building. We are simultaneously reviving heritage earthen masonry construction techniques that are culturally significant, environmentally friendly and in ways that give teachers new ideas on how curriculum can be taught. Youth add a unique value to the process that stimulates further questions about the value of play.

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