This presentation aims to help teachers and course creators with their learning design from a User Experience perspective. User Experience is very important in the technological age we live in, as learners expect a certain level of quality and behaviour of online delivery. Rather than creating a course with limited resources or support or using it as a filing cabinet, we will show you are some simple web design and multimedia concepts to make your course more engaging and user friendly. Ease of use, accessibility support, responsiveness of course layout, future proofing, H5P, block and section customisation, and interactive elements are important areas to focus on when developing your course. This presentation is for everyone, the material can help beginners to use some basic interactive tools with no coding experience required, through to those building custom HTML elements to their course. We will also cover ways to keep a online students engaged, through various tools like forums, chats, and virtual classroom. We will also teach you how to build a course template that you can backup and restore for other courses, without breaking any customised elements you’ve built.

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