Meet your students where they are by using Snapchat. Social media tools will never replace what a lecturer does, but instead they can amplify a message and clarify content, as well as engage students on their digital turf. Learn the multiple ways you can use Snapchat to engage directly with your students and build core skills and knowledge. This will be a hands-on workshop, focussed on developing the skills to use Snapchat in the higher education classroom to bring the content to life. In the session, participants will learn a number of features of Snapchat that translate directly to higher education, from documenting laboratory practice and field work to the study of art and historical artefacts. Snapchat can also be a great way for lecturers connect with and engage their students, even in larger cohorts. In embracing new technologies, we humanise ourselves to our students and demonstrate that true growth and change happens when we get out our comfort zones and challenge ourselves. Change can be hard and uncomfortable, but in order to evolve and improve our teaching practice, we need to embrace change and take risks.

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