As higher education innovates with blended models of delivery, pre-recorded audiovisual resources are playing an increasingly large part of course content delivery and the student experience. A higher-level design heuristic is required in order for an educationally embedded, holistic and sustainable production of these resources to occur in universities. In this project, we refer to his design heuristic as the combined use of a semantic map and matrix of development for audiovisual learning objects. Their purpose is twofold: to align audiovisual learning objects to course learning outcomes and to achieve well-designed objects at scale of production for a large, comprehensive university. We discuss the implementation of the semantic map and matrix for the development and integration of AV learning objects, emphasising the educational thought behind the map and matrix and the strategies necessary in order to design a university-level coordinated approach to the production of AV learning objects that will be able to meet the needs of more than 400 degree programs.

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