Facilitating facilitation; educating the educator. What’s the meta, you ask? In this highly interactive workshop, we put the student-centred approach into practice by demonstrating a snapshot of what educator training looks like when you, the educators, are asked to participate as students, facilitators and observers.

In developing training for educators, the ANU Staff Education Team epitomises experiential learning. Our sessions challenge participants to step into the shoes of students, recognise how students learn, and reflect on how that informs their practice. Through constant reflection and re-development, our programs have evolved to be novel experiences that participants describe as transformative.

In this workshop, you will get a glimpse of what that looks like – through puzzles and Play-Doh! You will have the opportunity to experience first-hand different approaches to facilitation and experiment with putting your approach into practice. Is your perception of your own teaching aligned with how you actually teach?

Our team will also take a deep dive into our own journey facilitating staff development programs through the pre-, peak-, and post- COVID eras. When adapting to remote and blended learning environments, what must stay the same and what must change? Join our workshop to find out how we maintained experiential learning while shifting from fully face-to-face delivery, to fully remote delivery, and now venturing into a blended new world.

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