Story and film is uniquely poised to engage students’ intellect and emotions. Rather than relegating films to time-saving “movie days”, we explore the creation of high production films designed for simulations and immersive learning experiences.

In this presentation, film director Rafael Florez and Dr Kelly Frame present three case studies in which they embedded film productions into learning design projects. These case studies include a film series designed to drive the learning in a Criminology course for first-year undergraduate students; a conversation set on-country with Indigenous academics exploring Indigenous perspectives and the law; and a Cybernetic post-apocalyptic short film designed for high school and middle school educators in New York State.

The analysis of these case studies prompts reflection into the mechanics of planning and producing films, the logics and principles of creating story-driven educational experiences, and the unique, educative evocations attained through sound, story, and imagery.

Join the session to learn more about how educators can create films (from low to high budgets and with varying levels of technical skills) and how these films engage students in learning.

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