Communication is a key component of good leadership and management. Courageous conversations can be difficult to replicate in a classroom and role play can become inauthentic and difficult to implement in an online space. Ask yourself – did you ever have a conversation that didn’t go well? Or ever wished you could have practised your approach? Now you can.
Using an innovative AI platform; SimConverse, you can practice conversations as often as you like and get feedback in real time. At UC we have collaborated with SimConverse to develop an AI scenario specifically for leadership training. Our custom-built scenario is an innovative approach to leadership training and we believe it is a world first. The AI, Karl, is your direct report and has been late to work consistently for the past three weeks how will you approach Karl? His behaviour is impacting your team?
Hear about our first foray into the AI world, meet Karl, and hear the benefits our students describe. Join us for a discussion about the possibilities this platform has to offer in providing safe opportunities to practice communication. As we emerge from the pandemic it is important to explore the innovation we have developed and/or implemented in online learning platforms and ask ourselves the question – how do we combine the best elements and create a new future focussed way of working ?

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