Digital literacy is an important element of university study. Learning online and accessing online content is an increasingly important element of study even if we return to face-to-face learning, but how are we supporting this change for students?

At UC our innovative project run by students for students is addressing this gap. From navigating the learning management system (LMS) to preparing student for immersive experiences and giving them extra tools to enhance their learning.

This program ran in two ways to explore the usefulness for students.

We provided two weekly online drop-in sessions

We provided ‘Big Hacks ‘a 4-hour session towards the end of the semester (before final assessments were due)

This initiative was particularly beneficial during lockdown as it allowed students to be supported in the online space. We found that Big Hacks was significantly more effective for students. This longer session was well attended and seemed to provide a more effective way to support students.

Previously this support has only been provided in a nursing specific approach, at the beginning of the semester, however offering the opportunity for students to revise content when it was particularly relevant was particularly successful and is a key finding from the co-design process.

The panel will share our journey, successes and challenges, in designing and developing the hacks for success program and with co-design. The panel includes an academic, study skills representatives, students and ask advisors.

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