Inspired by Claire Seldon’s presentation, Using gamification to create engaging interactive virtual reality teaching resources at EdTechPosium in 2019, we designed an interdisciplinary assessment task using situ360 for first year students enrolled in a special pilot subject at ANU.

Situ360 is an easy-to-use web based VR software designed for primary school students and older. Due to COVID lockdowns and the subsequent pivot to remote learning, the implementation was delayed until Semester 1, 2021. Its use enabled ANU students to produce a field trip experience for assessment, from content they created. Another key benefit in our selection of situ360 was students were able to use their own smart phones to capture 360 images, videos and photographs out in the field, rather than needing specialist production equipment.

Our Practice Bazaar poster will show aspects of the assessment including images from the student sites. A laptop will be available for viewing the situ360 sites during the Practice Bazaar.

The course design team comprised science academics from ANU Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU Research School of Biology, an interdisciplinary academic from the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and an Educational Designer at the ANU Centre for Learning & Teaching.

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