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Bhavani Kannan

Puzzles, Play-Doh, Pedagogy – experiential learning across pre-, peak, and post pandemic eras – SC204

Our team will also take a deep dive into our own journey facilitating staff development programs through the pre-, peak-, and post- COVID eras. When adapting to remote and blended learning environments, what must stay the same and what must change? Join our workshop to find out how we maintained experiential learning while shifting from fully face-to-face delivery, to fully remote delivery, and now venturing into a blended new world.

Associate Professor Jane Frost

A Virtual Courtroom: Immersing students in a creative simulation based on real life events that ended in a court – SC203

An immersive 360-degree video was used to allow students to experience a court room. Filmed from the first-person perspective the student was giving evidence and justifying the care given and decisions made seven years ago. This simulation was the culmination of a combinatorial simulation based on a real coroner’s case. Students were presented with their …

Scott Rickard

Making an Interactive Chemistry Lab Manual with H5P – SC205

The shift to remote learning as a result of COVID-19 has highlighted various issues with running information sessions, particularly when used as a replacement for practical classes in laboratory-based courses. There are several issues faced by students in these live video sessions, such as a difficulty focusing, unwillingness to participate due to the confrontation of …

Michael Vangelovski

Tailoring our LMS with plugins – SC303

Moodle is a highly extensible LMS. We will describe some of the plugins we have developed for Moodle at CGS, transforming a vanilla installation into a highly tailored K-12 school portal, with advanced communications, grading, planning, and administration functions. We will discuss the reasons behind their inception and the impact they have had.

The Innovation of First Nations Pedagogy – how the past can lead our future? SC201 by Zoom

The Innovation of First Nations Pedagogy – how the past can lead our future? SC201 by Zoom

First Nations Pedagogy contains connections to learning beyond subject based mantra – Community, Narrative, Pathways, Visualisation, and Innovation. The way we think, feel, interact, learn and demonstrate are vastly different to the mainstream ways of learning and it is how we harness this that gives us a unique approach to problem solving and solutions-based learning.

Learning Analytics: From Reports to Dashboards and Beyond – SC303

As digitalization of education and distributed learning environments has become a prevalent trend, learning analytics (LA) has emerged as an integrative part of any modern learning system that aims to support teachers and students using educational data. LA takes advantage of powerful computer technologies to collect students’ digital traces with the hope of inferring actionable …

Tom Worthington

Planning for the Online Learning Future – SC201

In this presentation I will detail how in 2019, I designed a learning module for ANU computer project students so that it could quickly be converted from campus to online delivery, in an emergency. This contingency was then activated due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The same learning design can be used into the …