EdTechPosium 2021 Committee

EdTechPosium is organised entirely by a volunteer committee with committee members coming from The University of NSW (Canberra) (UNSW), University of Canberra (UC), Australian Catholic University (ACU), Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), the Australian National University (ANU), Department of Defence, Department of Health, and Canberra Grammar School (CGS).

This year’s committee members are:

  • Conference chair: Russell Waldron (Canberra Grammar School)
  • Treasurer/Secretary/Sponsor coordinator: Michael de Raadt (Canberra Grammar School)
  • Keynote liaison: Janene Harman (Australian National University), Crystal McLaughlin (Department of Defence)
  • Presenter liaison: Cait Greenup (University of Canberra), Karlene Dickens (Australian National University)
  • Social media and communications: Monique Roeton (CIT), Marg Robson (CIT)
  • Penny Wheeler (Australian Catholic University)
  • Emily Rutherford (ADFA)
  • Anne Lahey (ADFA)
  • Bradley Roche (Department of Health)

Volunteers and Advisory meeting members

  • Nguyen Bui (Deakin University)
  • Francoise Muller (ANU)
  • Thao Tran (ANU)
  • Momin Ausaf (ANU)
  • Amy Pont (CIT)

Technical support and liaison

  • ServiceDesk (Canberra Grammar School)